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Re: Debian Free Software (FSF) or Open Source? (was Re; non-cd...)

> Suppose Acme Corp. wanted to package some commercial piece of software
> in a .deb so that Debian users could buy it. Assuming that they want
> money for each copy there's no way it would find its way into
> non-free, nor do I think it should; presumably they could sell a CD,
> or include it on their website or something. Would this contravene any
> of Debian's rules ?

Nope.  We just wouldn't acknowledge it as part of the "Debian" software
system,  and wouldn't carry it on our website.  All they've really done is
distribute something that's been packaged with dpkg,  and dpkg is free.

It's also ok (I believe) for them to take a standard hamm cd, stick
their software on it,  and sell the CD as "Acme Linux",  probably also
with a big "with our own Megawidget program included" on the jewel case.
Part of the original plan was that Debian could be used as a base for
other dists...


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