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Re: automating the "Intents to package" was Re: Please follow protocol when you announce your Intents to package

On Thu, Jun 25, 1998 at 09:20:13AM +0200, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:
> In article <35916814.15B2D54@livenet.net> you write:
> >Ok, I'm game.  I have had to fend off enough people from taking my
> >packages that this is worth my time.  Besides, I enjoy writing CGI, call
> >me sick.  What do we want/need/desire/despise and let's get this going.
> a database with the stuff from wnpp (list of programs that should be packages,
> and of orphaned/giveaway packages). would be nice to also handle tasks with
> that (e.g. "someone to check permissions of files and suid/sgid bits in all
> packages").
> the whole thing with a "i will do it button", maybe also with a history
> function. no access control: we will correct things, if some people do crap.
> a daily or weekly journal to debian-devel would also be nice...

Hell, might as well implement the vacation stuff while we're at it.

Shaleh's just wandered into the Twilight Zone cafeteria, where task after
task is getting piled on his tray... :)

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