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Re: automating the "Intents to package" was Re: Please follow protocol when you announce your Intents to package

In article <35916814.15B2D54@livenet.net> you write:
>Ok, I'm game.  I have had to fend off enough people from taking my
>packages that this is worth my time.  Besides, I enjoy writing CGI, call
>me sick.  What do we want/need/desire/despise and let's get this going.

a database with the stuff from wnpp (list of programs that should be packages,
and of orphaned/giveaway packages). would be nice to also handle tasks with
that (e.g. "someone to check permissions of files and suid/sgid bits in all

the whole thing with a "i will do it button", maybe also with a history
function. no access control: we will correct things, if some people do crap.
a daily or weekly journal to debian-devel would also be nice...


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