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Re: Exciting Pilot/Debian news

Ben Gertzfield <che@debian.org> writes:

>     John> etc. packages for Debian.  The package name is prc-tools and
>     John> should be in Incoming by the time you read this.  It was
>     John> quite a chore to package but it is quite exciting what can
>     John> be done with it!
> Wonderful news, John! Congratulations.
> I'll try out these packages later today. This is pretty exciting;
> I've been waiting for pilot development tools for quite a while. :)

Hehe :-)

So far, I've built:

kpilot	  -- KDE hotsync tool
pilrc     -- Pilot resource compiler plus GUI
prc-tools -- cross-compilation environment
imgvtopgm -- Converter to make graphics suitable for ImageViewer or
             Spec (freeware clone).  Nice to viewing maps on the
             Pilot; four shades of gray.

I hope to have the following in a few days:

makedoc7  -- Converts text files to PRC DOC format for viewing on
             the Pilot (on hold waiting for reply from author on
pilot-manager -- Perl/TK hotsync tool (waiting for me to download and
		 try it out)

Others have already packaged pilot-link and pui, so we will shortly
have a full suite of Pilot tools available.

> I'm on FurryMUCK as Che, and EFNet and YiffNet IRC as Che_Fox.

Ahh cool, I'm CosmicRay on LinPeople.

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