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Re: Bug Terrorism

severity 23000 normal

> The reason that sendmail broke is that you made a DELIBERATE modification
> to procmail that sendmail wasn't expecting.  While I agree that sendmail
> should probably be more graceful about handling it, it is not a
> release-critical error.  A vast majority of people (like everyone but you)
> don't go breaking procmail for the fun of it.  It is NOT SENDMAIL's FAULT
> that you broke it's MDA.  I really don't understand why people want to
> blame sendmail when they do stupid things like this.

While the tone is a bit harsh, I agree with the idea.  This is not worth
holding up the release of Hamm for.  The simplicity of the fix is not

                                 ( bcwhite@verisim.com )

         The world is an easier place when it is someone else's fault.

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