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Brian White <bcwhite@verisim.com> writes:

> > Debian 2 ships with Gimp 1 take that redhat :-)

> That's assuming that we can get Hamm ready and ship it before RedHat's _next_
> release.  <sigh>

They already have 72MB of fixes for 5.1. :) (10MB of fixes to the
libjpeg problem I mentioned earlier, 31MB for X fixes, and
miscellaneous security fixes including programs that were accidentally

As always, they have us beat out on ease of configuration and other
ease-of-use issues. (linuxconf provides them with graphical-, text-,
and web-based configuration.  Their network configuration is
modularized into seperate files for each interface.)  They also beat
us on the fact that they have actually released something.

We have them beat out on shear size, quality, integration of packages,
and ease of updating.  (A coworker toasted his RPM database trying to
upgrade to 5.1, and now the upgrade program segfaults.)  Plus we have
apt-get, which is just awesome.

What's the story on non-intel versions of hamm?  Are they going to
exist?  The Sparc trees, both hamm and slink, are completely screwed
up because about 200 packages in the tree depend on the glibc that has
been sitting in Incoming since May 4.

If we're not having a "sparc" version of "hamm", should the tree even
exist in hamm?  (The glibc in question is destined for both unstable
and frozen.)


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