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Intent to Package: mod_perl

mod_perl (which I'm going to package as libapache-mod-perl .. any
better ideas?) is an apache module for tighter integration of Perl with
Apache.  With the releases of 1.12, mod_perl compiles pretty simply as a
shared Apache module, so now looks like the right time to package it up.
The package is almost ready.

Source: libapache-mod-perl
Section: main/web
Priority: optional
Maintainer: Dan Jacobowitz <drow@false.org>
Standards-Version: 2.4.1

Package: libapache-mod-perl
Architecture: i386
Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}, apache (>= 1.3.0), perl
Description: Integration of perl with the Apache web server
 mod_perl allows the use of Perl for just about anything
 Apache-related, including <Perl> sections in the config
 files and the famous Apache::Registry module for caching
 compiled scripts.
 It can produce anywhere from a 400% to 2000% speed increase
 on sites using perl scripts, and is used on many large script-
 based web sites - for example, www.slashdot.org.

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