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Re: Intent to Package: mod_perl

--On Tue, Jun 16, 1998 10:22 am -0400 "Dan Jacobowitz" <drow@false.org>

> mod_perl (which I'm going to package as libapache-mod-perl .. any
> better ideas?) is an apache module for tighter integration of Perl with
> Apache.  With the releases of 1.12, mod_perl compiles pretty simply as a
> shared Apache module, so now looks like the right time to package it up.
> The package is almost ready.



I had actually intended to package this myself.  

I probably hadn't yet announced as much on debian-devel - but I certainly
did announce it on the modperl@apache.org mailing list.

There were previously quite a few problems, some of which have been fixed
with recent releases of apache and mod_perl, as well as recent apache
packaging work by netgod.

However, I am still aware of at least one show-stopping bug - mod_perl
cannot dynamically load perl module stubs with our libperl.a.  Our perl
maintainer is supposed to be looking into it for me.

It you strongly want this package, then I'm happy to cede it to you.  If you
want more information about problems I'm aware of, feel free to private
email me.

Jules Bean

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