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Re: Building a connection with Kachina Tech.

> > Kachina Technologies is strongly interested in Debian Sparc for the
> > hardware they distribute. They are offering resources for this effort with
> > the goal being a "commercial" grade Debian distribution.

Hi. I know this isn't the time, place, method or means, but please allow
me to introduce myself, I'm a dragon of wealth and taste... I've been
around for a long, long time, and have changed many a redhatter's faith..
I was around when debian had its moment of doubt and pain... I'm a
sysadmin and a pilot, and I am here to join the fete...

Ok, sorry for the chatter, and I do realize it's not needed (And very
possibly not welcome)... The two greatest loves of my computer life are
currently Sparcs and Debian. I've used both extensively. 

Just an introduction, and possibly unneeded statement of interest.


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