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Re: joilet fs for official cdrom

(Cc:'ed to cdwrite@lists.debian.org)

>>>>> "Ronald" == Ronald Lembcke <es186@fen.baynet.de> writes:

    Ronald> I had the same problem with my selfburned hamm cd's... the
    Ronald> debian-hamm kernel seems to prefere joliet over
    Ronald> rockridge.... with mount -o nojoliet the symlinks
    Ronald> worked...

    Ronald> another problem with joliet... a bug in mkisofs and
    Ronald> mkhybrid (at least in the newest available versioin
    Ronald> arround april 6th)

    Ronald> when you make a bootable cd with joliet _and_ rockridge
    Ronald> the information for the bios that it is a bootable cd is
    Ronald> written one sector too late... the cd won't be recognized
    Ronald> as bootable.

Even though this is a "me too", I had *all* the exact same problems.


 * We need a way to make the kernel prefer iso9660 with rock-ridge over
   Joliet. The kernel currently prefers Joliet over iso9660 with
   rock-ridge, so symlinks are invisible on CD-ROMs that are both
   iso9660 and Joliet.

 * El Torito needs to get along with mkhybrid.

Does anyone know any solutions for these?

    Ronald> If someone can tell me the author's email address i could
    Ronald> report this bug...

cdwrite@lists.debian.org is the right place for this.

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