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Re: VI reasons (was Re: Base Set: Suggested additions & removals.)

On Thu, 11 Jun 1998, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Previously Dale Scheetz wrote:
> > ae already does this, and provides a reasonably vi ish interface, just to
> > satisfy those whose fingers are only programmed for vi.
> Personally, I find ae's vi-compatibility even worse then normal ae: it
> tricks me into thinking it's vi, but I can never resist using some
> vi-magic which confuses ae and gives me horrible results.

I agree. I prefer to use ae as ae to keep this clear.

I use ae, vi, ed, sed, joe, and sometime emacs every day. I also work with
software on that other os, like pagemaker and word. These are all
different and similar and confusing. I am always typing ":wq<return>" in
joe and "^k^x" in vi, both of which are non-destructive actions (in joe
you have to delete the characters you typed and in vi it laughs at you)

In ae, I always had to check the menu, until I put the emacs bindings in
place. Does vi recogize ^X^S? ;-)

> On my own installation disks (for local network use only) I'm putting
> vim, with almost all options turned off. This gives me a small vi
> which works even better then the original vi :)
Cool, we can always use a better vi ;-)

Waiting is,

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