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Re: Release management - technical

Ian Jackson wrote:
> I think that in order to make sense of what's being said here we need
> to step back a bit, and think about abstractions rather than
> implementation.  Lots of people (myself included) have been posting
> rather detailed proposals.
> Q. What are we trying to achieve ?
> A. There are two possibilities that I can see
>     - Timely and good-quality releases, or
>     - Releases which meet some predefined set of goals.
> I think we can only do one of these.  With hamm we're doing the
> latter; in the future I think we should do the former.

One of the things that I see about the Debian distribution is that at
present time the span of time between the release of Bo and the release
Hamm was entirely too long.  Many users do not have the capacity to
a mirror of the current ``stable'' distribution and the current
distributions.  I for one install systems for people and I maintain a
of both the slink and the hamm distributions.  

The point of all this verbage, if a person wants an uptodate system he
has to go to someone that has a mirror of the current distributions, or
he has
to spend days downloading the files that he requires for a base system
the files for what he is using the system for.  With timely updates like
a CD release every 4 to 6 months, a new user could get a relatively up
to date
system from the CD.  

I realize that the releases will not be as stable with such a short turn
around.  But as Ian stated, most of the developers are currently running
the latest unstable version, while many of the users that get their
from a CD are still using Bo.  There is such a vast difference between
and Slink, That when someone asks me about a problem in Bo or how to
from Bo to Hamm they either have to come to me or spend a huge amount of
downloading a hamm upgrade.


I would like to see periodic CD releases of both the unstable
and the stable distribution.  This will enable new users to get the same
distribution that many of the developers are using, while at the same
enable those that require a stable, well tested system, to get the
latest of
that version.

Excuse the preaching and have a good day:-)
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