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Re: Bug#22942: Advice for release critical bug (WAS: Bug#22942: libpaper depends on libpaperg)

On 11 Jun 1998, Gregory S. Stark wrote:
> Marco Pistore <pistore@DI.Unipi.IT> writes:
> > 
> > Now, in hamm the binaries are only in libpaperg, since they are linked
> > against libc6 libraries; package libpaper in hamm contains only the
> > libraries. 
> So, the original cause of the problem is that the binaries were in the library
> package. The policy specifically prohibits that precisely because of these
> problems. And you're proposing the libc6 versions keep doing the same thing
> that caused the problem in the first place.
> What I would suggest would be:
> libpaper:       libc5 libraries only 
> libpaperg:      libc6 libraries only 
> libpaper-utils: both binaries, depends on libpaper|libpaperg
>                 with wrapper scripts to choose the right ones somehow
> This will at least avoid the problem in the future, as another version of the
> library can be installed simultaneously without conflicting with the existing
> libraries.
> greg

Yes, you are right.

However, if i split the package now, some packages in hamm should then
depend on libpaper-utils (rather than on libpaperg), and should be
reuploaded. I do not think that it is convenient to do this change during
a deep freeze. 

I'll split the package in slink.



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