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Re: Corel Network Computer Port

Steve Dunham wrote:
> I'd like to see the Corel Computers used as generic cheap Linux
> Computers.  They are reported to be fairly cheap, perform reasonably
> well and have lots of neat I/O features.  (NTSC in/out, 2 ethernet
> ports.)

The demo I saw seemed to show the Netwinder to be pretty fast.

> When/if they are ready and Corel doesn't want to sell them directly,
> someone like varesearch or linuxmall could be convinced to become
> resellers.  (Or even Red Hat would be interesting...)

Apparently they are talking to various OEM resellers (Point of sale, and
quiosk systems mostly) right now, but I'm sure somebody like varesearch
would make a mint selling them directly to the Linux community.

> > Sign me up - I can come up with $1000 CDN no problem.
> I'm interested in buying one too.  Are they actually selling them yet?

No.  But soon.  They are only lending Netwinders to developpers in OCLUG
right now, and supposedly setting up net connected Netwinders for now.

> Behan's message contains the seemingly contradictory statements that
> Corel has gotten them out the door and that they haven't even set a
> price yet.

My appologies.  I should have said "made them available to certain
developpers".  They are only available to certain people right now.

> If software is the only remaining issue (i.e. hardware is finalized),
> I'd be happy with something that runs and can be bootstrapped off of
> the net, with a promise of the completed software on CD when it
> becomes available.

This is indeed what I understand to be the thing that needs work.  The
hardware is finalized, but they are still working on the software
support side.  They are inlisting people from the local area (i.e.
members of OCLUG to help them), but ultimately others as well.

But don't listen to me.  I have just received email from one of the guys
on the Netwinder team.  I'll forward it to the list.

I also have an offer from one of Brian's friends (he was lent one of the
Netwinders).  He is willing to give a few people accounts on his
Netwinder.  He just has a few security concerns to address first (he's
got to pick up a hub to connect the Netwinder to his 10base2 home
network and then setup some firewall rules to protect the rest of his
network).  I'm not sure, but I might be able to talk him into giving a
few people root access on it too.


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