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Re: Corel Network Computer Port

Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com> writes:

> Behan Webster <behanw@verisim.com> writes:

> > They are only giving discounts to OCLUG members, but since I'm in OCLUG,
> > I could probably approach the appropriate people to do some enquiries. 
> > I wouldn't hold your breath though.  OCLUG is very RedHat based.

> I've talked to some of the Corel guys on the phone before, and they
> seemed very reasonable and open-minded.

> Basically, nobody has sold Corel on the potential of OEM vendors using
> Debian.  They've just been listening to Red Hat and their convincing
> story of how they are making megabucks, and the sales channel that is
> already in place there.

I'd like to see the Corel Computers used as generic cheap Linux
Computers.  They are reported to be fairly cheap, perform reasonably
well and have lots of neat I/O features.  (NTSC in/out, 2 ethernet

When/if they are ready and Corel doesn't want to sell them directly,
someone like varesearch or linuxmall could be convinced to become
resellers.  (Or even Red Hat would be interesting...)

> > How many developpers are we talking here?  Last I heard they were
> > looking for a few good hackers, especially kernel hackers.  They still
> > have kernel features that they would like to see implemented too.  Maybe
> > I'm opening a pandora's box here, but which Debian Developpers are
> > interested in getting access to or buying a netwinder, etc? (Last I
> > heard Corel is thinking of $1000 (CDN I think) per netwinder).

> Sign me up - I can come up with $1000 CDN no problem.

I'm interested in buying one too.  Are they actually selling them yet?

Behan's message contains the seemingly contradictory statements that
Corel has gotten them out the door and that they haven't even set a
price yet.

If software is the only remaining issue (i.e. hardware is finalized),
I'd be happy with something that runs and can be bootstrapped off of
the net, with a promise of the completed software on CD when it
becomes available.


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