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Re: Xinetd bug #20705

On Tue, 9 Jun 1998, Eloy A. Paris wrote:

> Hi,
> In article <19980608145644.A2567@vtech.dyn.ml.org> you wrote:
> > The bug report pretty much says:
> > xinetd: samba 1.9.18p3-1 don't work from xinetd (from inetd is ok)
> > 
> > What I need is to know if this is a real bug or just a user configuration
> > problem.  I personally do not have/use samba, but I know of at least 2 people
> > that use it successfully with xinetd.  If someone else could confirm this
> > bug, then I will forward it to the upstream maintainer, otherwise I will
> > close it..
> I (as the Samba maitainer) feel a bit guilty about this. Remco
> Blaakmeer <remco@Cal011205.student.utwente.nl> reported this as a bug
> in Samba and I told him I was going to investigate but the truth is
> that I have done nothing to to my lack of time and my unexperience
> with xinetd (haven't ever used it).

Hmm, I did wonder why you stopped answering my messages.

> Today I e-mailed Jeremy Allison (from the Samba team) asking about
> issues to run Samba from xinetd. I am waiting for his reponse.


> Yesterday I searched the Samba mail archives for any information regarding
> xinetd and did not find anything with the word "xinetd".

:-( Does this mean the bug has been found by Debian users only and that it
hasn't been forwarded upstream?

> Finally, since nmbd works fine from inetd, I really would like to know
> if the problem is wrong configuration of xinetd or there is really
> something wrong with nmbd (in which case you should close the bug
> against xinetd and I'll have to fix the same bug filed against Samba).
> Experienced xinetd users please stand up, we need help!
> One other thing: it is my understanding that the other Samba daemon
> (smbd) works fine with xinetd; the problem is with nmbd. Can anyone
> confirm this?

Yes, I can. smbd works fine under xinetd, the problem is with nmbd only.

> By the way, I thought Adam Heath was the maintainer of xinetd. Did
> this change lately? Also, why xinetd is in non-free?

According to the bug tracking system, he still is the maintainer.
/usr/doc/xinetd/changelog.Debian.gz says that xinetd was moved to non-free
at version 2.2.1-3. This was done on "Sat, 14 Mar 1998 03:31:50 -0500". I
think it is a bad thing that the reason why it was moved is not mentioned
at all in the changelog (or anywhere else for that matter).


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