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Re: so what? Re: Debian development modem

I don't usually write to the list to say "me too", but I think that
is a pretty foundamental step to be taken. I completely agree with
Ian but "me too" I think the stable pool is a better approach
(even if it requires more resources to be set up).

> Maintainers have the final word only if the exercise it.  We
> don't need to stall a release because someone decided that
> some real life issue was more important to them.
> > This is still a major operation at every freeze time.  I like the
> > "stable pool" approach much better.  That way we are ready to release
> > *at any time*, modulo newly discovered bugs in the stable packages
> > that have to be fixed.
> I think I also like the "stable pool" approach better.

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