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Re: Base Set: Suggested additions & removals.

On 7 Jun 1998, James Troup wrote:

> karlheg@inetarena.com (Karl M. Hegbloom) writes:
> >  I would like to have `mc' and the two packages it depends on placed
> >  into the base set.
> I think this is a horrendously bad idea.
> >  We could then get rid of both `elvis-tiny' and `ae', and be left
> >  with a powerful tool that is easy for beginners and experienced
> >  folks alike.
> And we would be left without an editor which works when in single user
> mode.  What a plan. 

Yes, its library requirements would have to be moved to /lib, like the
slang library was for ae.

> >  `mc', the Midnight Commander, has a very nice editor built in now.
> Does it do vi emulation?  I didn't think so.

So? It is a very nice clean editor.

> >  `mc' will let you look inside of and install `.deb' files also.
> Gosh, what a revolutionary concept.  I did hear about something else
> that could do that though.  What was it? dekg? dplg?  I can't
> remember.
I'm sorry you have such a poor memory, but the package you fail to name is
missing much of the functionality that mc provides in the "dive into a
.deb file" feature. Because it treats the "opened" .deb file as a file
system, you can do all the things to the internal components that the tool
provides for other files presented in the file list.

BTW, if this is to be a technical discussion of the merrits and weaknesses
of this idea, your tone of voice could stand some adjustment ;-)


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