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Re: Zip disk install set?

In article <[🔎] 87lnr84yv2.fsf@bittersweet.inetarena.com> you wrote:
:  I'd like to see a Zip disk install set.  What should go on it?

Heck, I have test systems with what I think are very functional installs that
run on 85 and 100meg disks... should be able to do a rousingly useful 
standalone/install image on 100meg...

I'd vote for nvi to be included.

:  Emacs-nox

I'm not convinced any version of emacs ever needs to be on a base or install
set, even though I use emacs a lot... too many arguments over which version
should be included.

:  man, groff

Good choices.

:  info

Not so important in my mind, but certainly welcome.

:  lynx


:  pine

Blech.  If you absolutely must.

:  mc (should be in base set, IMO.)

Blech.  If you absolutely must.

How about including gcc and friends, enough to build a custom kernel before
installing any more packages.  Typical approach to an install around here is
to get just enough going to get the kernel that's needed, and then show the
person how to install other goodies as they have time and are motivated.


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