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Re: PalmOS programs

John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> writes:

> I downloaded the binutils-m68k-palmos-coff package.  However, it
> appears that it requires some gcc packages that you orphaned awhile
> back.  I'd like to adopt those packages but can't seem to find the
> original sources anywhere.  I'd rather start from what you've done so
> far instead of starting from scratch since I really don't know how to
> compile a gcc that compiles for a different platform...
> Can you point me to the original sources?  They seem to have
> disappeared from project/orphaned.

I believe the binutils-m68k-palmos-coff package was derived from my
binutils-m68k-linux package, and the same goes for gcc-m68k-linux.
If you need to rebuild the palmos gcc source packages from them, it should
be fairly easy, just substitute palmos-coff for linux.


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