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Re: Debian Bazaar Politics (was: Debian Re-organization proposal)

Fabien Ninoles <fabien@master.debian.org> writes:

> I just split the subject of the previous to take more about politics in
> Debian and let people discuss about the proposal.
> I think we too much mess up with wordin like democracy and government.
> Debian are neither. It's a bunch of volunteers trying to work together.


> Debian already works correctly for most of the Decision making process.
> Ideas are submit, discussed and most of the time, something came out


> We are an example. We do the Bazaar all the way. We should be proud about
> it. Not even red hat or slackware want to deal with so a big goal as
> we do in Debian [eh, we triple the number of package and support not
> two or three but four architectures!] Debian is still an example, and for
> now, we just try to solve the normal organisational problem it's happen,
> I mean ensuring that an idea wasn't lost in the under the normal mess of
> any bazaar. 

What he said!

Seriously people, don't get too psyched out by missing a release deadline.
Every project struggles to meet release deadlines, every project occasionally
fails. Especially when a major system-wide change is made, like libc6. And the
nature of release engineering is such that the further you fall behind the
harder it is to get the release out.

Really, don't jump to conclusions like "Debian obviously can't continue the
way it's been going". We screwed up once. We should keep that in mind next
time a deadline looms or release requirements start getting overambitious.


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