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Re: Debian Re-organization proposals (was: Re: so what?)

>>"David" == David Engel <david@ods.com> writes:

 David> Rather, my point is that strong leadership is needed to help
 David> keep everyone focused and the project on course in the future.

	And I think if we need such leadership, we may as well pack
 our bags and go home, for it is not going to fly. Charismatic
 leadership happens. It can not be decreed, or coaxed out of
 nothingness. So, either we sit around waiting for charismatic
 leadership to happen to us and lift us out of our doldrums, or we
 take our destiny into our own hands and do something about it.

 David> I guess we're just going to have to disagree.  I've stated before that
 David> a democracy is not the best way to run Debian and I still stand by
 David> that.  Democracy is the right way to run a government.  It is not the
 David> right way to run a project.  I would much rather see a single person
 David> or small group of people, with the right vision and skills, be put in
 David> charge (with some checks and balances, of course) and let them manage.

	We already tried this method. Our erstwhile leader was
 charismatic, had a vision, had leadership qualities. He was boldly
 leading us where we had never gone before. He had us all licked into
 focus. He was providing leadership. And the experiment (pardon me)
 failed miserably.

	You know why? Cause the developer did not want to go where he
 was leading us.

	Debian is not a nation. It is not a company. You can't have
 one person crack a whip and keep the galley slaves in line. Benevolent 
 dictatorships have a tendency to grow corrupt. And fail.

	Leader ship by the Elite. Isn't that what the asian markets
 were all about? No open process, no protocols, just old boy networks
 of elites?

	'Tis a new world order, my friend. 

 David> I have read the constitution.  It is way overkill and places too much
 David> potentially destructive power in the hands of developers.

	Since the developers do all the hard work, (and believe me,
 sleep deprivation is not a jke, and many suffer from it), we are not
 likely to be ``destructive''. And if we did collectively wish to be
 self destructive, who has the right to stop us? 

 David> Voting by developers should be limited to the election and
 David> recall of leaders and the ratification of amendments.

	Why? Because even though we do all the work, the masses are
 too dumb to do their own masters?  We need a all knowing, all
 powerful group of people to tell us how to act? What cventury are we
 in now?

 David> Developers should still be allowed to make proposals but the
 David> final decision making authority should rest with the leaders
 David> or their delegates.

	I refuse to let any opne have such power. Unless they pay
 me. Shall I make my rates know to the supposed leaders and delegates?
 What makes leaders and delegates so special that they can command the
 masses that do the work? When they bleed, does their blood run blue?

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