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Debian Bazaar Politics (was: Debian Re-organization proposal)

I just split the subject of the previous to take more about politics in
Debian and let people discuss about the proposal.

I think we too much mess up with wordin like democracy and government.
Debian are neither. It's a bunch of volunteers trying to work together.
If voting let you think it's a democracy, don't be foul. It's a really
an officialisation of a concensus. Debian needs it to ensure that's it's
not only the big talker who leads, and loose all the silent majority of
developpers. Voting is not need for submitting decisions, discussing
about it or deciding who's working on what. 

Debian already works correctly for most of the Decision making process.
Ideas are submit, discussed and most of the time, something came out
[may be I'm a little optimistic here, but see apt, see the quality of
the distribution. We are the only one who really supports that much
features and without being paid for!] The problems came when it's time
to put it out to the world. Are we sure that everybody agreed? Will we
loose all ours maintainers by doing the move? Having a leader it's the
easy solution. Whatever he decided, we can always blame it if it's not
right. And I'm sure you'll do it! Even for petty thing like the Blue Eye
Captain. The SPR are the solution proposes by Ian for helping thing a
little. By this mean,he intents to ensure that everybody could talk even
about subject it even doesn't have time to heard before. I'm pretty sure
that most of the vote taken will be a big yes with no compromise. I think
we are a little more than whatever cat crowd Bruce deems to call us when
in his bad mood. I think we can recognize wise decision as a crowd and,
contrarely to the common tought, us IQ aren't the  lesser IQ of all of
us divided by the number of people. If this was right, Debian will be
the worst distribution in the World.

We are an example. We do the Bazaar all the way. We should be proud about
it. Not even red hat or slackware want to deal with so a big goal as
we do in Debian [eh, we triple the number of package and support not
two or three but four architectures!] Debian is still an example, and for
now, we just try to solve the normal organisational problem it's happen,
I mean ensuring that an idea wasn't lost in the under the normal mess of
any bazaar. 
[sorry about my english, it's the first I try myself on something that's
complicated in englis :) ]

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