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Re: Debian Re-organization proposals (was: Re: so what?)

>>"Dale" == Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

 Dale> We must recognise two things:

 Dale> 	1. Debian functions as a "Goal Oriented Anarchy".
 Dale> 		(Bruce called it "Herding Cats")

 Dale> 	2. The only reason it is functional is that all the cats have the
 Dale> 	   same goals (for the most part).

	It has gotten to the point that the cats have to have a
 process to recognize the goals. The constitution provides the

	Also, it is easy to define fuzzy goals:
 a) we need hamm out the door now
 b) we neeed to release more often, and on schedule 
     (I like guys proposal of an updated stable pool that can be
     tested continuuls, frozen, and released fast -- since there are
     never any release critical bugs in the stable pool, the current
     delay does not occur)
 c) we need to cater to unattended installs/ replication in compute
     (Ians proposal of a question asking spec was a good
     start. Linuxconfig and COAS are also promising)
 d) We eed to get a better front end than dselect
      APT is coming along
 e) We need to do a size-required-for-installation thing
 n) make debian the best free distribution in the whole darned world


 x) beat every other OS in market share.

	There. Goals galore. If you want more goals, just ask. I can
 create goals by the minute, no problems. Are we satisfied now?
 Hardly. For goals are nothing unless they can be fleshed out. Goals
 by themselves are vapourware.

	Since people want to discuss goals, let us get this over and
 done with. Email me goals, and I promise to have a 100 by the
 weekend. Then maybe we can get off and try and actually *DO*
 something, like design and implementation, rather than sit around
 talking goals.

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