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Re: Debian Re-organization proposals (was: Re: so what?)

On Wed, Jun 03, 1998 at 02:31:19PM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>  b) we neeed to release more often, and on schedule 
>      (I like guys proposal of an updated stable pool that can be
>      tested continuuls, frozen, and released fast -- since there are
>      never any release critical bugs in the stable pool, the current
>      delay does not occur)

FWIW, I'm working on a proposal for this at the moment. I should have
a first draft to mail to people for preliminary comments by tonight or
tomorrow night, and hopefully a proper proposal to make by the end of
the weekend or sometime mid next week.

Basically, I think we've come close enough to agreement on this matter
that it's worth spending time fleshing out some of the ideas rather than
just making them up.

Oh, and unless there are some technical objections, I'd like to see PAM
added as a goal for slink, or the release after, btw.


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