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Re: Debian Re-organization proposals (was: Re: so what?)

On 3 Jun 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Hi,
> >>"Dale" == Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:
>  Dale> We must recognise two things:
>  Dale> 	1. Debian functions as a "Goal Oriented Anarchy".
>  Dale> 		(Bruce called it "Herding Cats")
>  Dale> 	2. The only reason it is functional is that all the cats have the
>  Dale> 	   same goals (for the most part).
> 	It has gotten to the point that the cats have to have a
>  process to recognize the goals. The constitution provides the
>  process. 

The constitution does not "provide" a process, it defines one. It is the
developers in this group, working together, who create "process". It is
primarily this mailing list that "provides" access to that process.

> 	Also, it is easy to define fuzzy goals:

Defining fuzzy goals is not the best way to approach this problem, so why
do you wish to waste time in this fashion?

>  a) we need hamm out the door now
>  b) we neeed to release more often, and on schedule 
>      (I like guys proposal of an updated stable pool that can be
>      tested continuuls, frozen, and released fast -- since there are
>      never any release critical bugs in the stable pool, the current
>      delay does not occur)
>  c) we need to cater to unattended installs/ replication in compute
>     farms
>      (Ians proposal of a question asking spec was a good
>      start. Linuxconfig and COAS are also promising)
>  d) We eed to get a better front end than dselect
>       APT is coming along
>  e) We need to do a size-required-for-installation thing
>  .....
>  n) make debian the best free distribution in the whole darned world
I always thought this was #1 (or 'a)' if you insist)

> 	There. Goals galore. If you want more goals, just ask. I can
>  create goals by the minute, no problems. Are we satisfied now?
>  Hardly. For goals are nothing unless they can be fleshed out. Goals
>  by themselves are vapourware.

Hense the need for "discussion", a key word you seem to have forgotten.

> 	Since people want to discuss goals, let us get this over and
>  done with. Email me goals, and I promise to have a 100 by the

Such discussions are never over ;-)

>  weekend. Then maybe we can get off and try and actually *DO*
>  something, like design and implementation, rather than sit around
>  talking goals.
Design and implimentation follow goals, not the other way around.

A discussion requires setting goals and determining just what is necessary
from each of us to make these goals attainable. 

Waiting is,

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