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Re: problem with dselect and the "dists" hierarchy

On 2 Jun 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> 	Shell scripts should generally be mechanically transformable
>  to Perl, and I have had a look at this one, though not trivial, it is
>  certainly eminently doable. The question is, should we be doing it at
>  this late stage in the game?

Well, if it is broken and a user will need it, yes (when I looked at the
first message, this appeared to be the case).  As to how to fix it, I'll
leave that to someone else's decision, but I'd suggest the method that is
least likely to break and cause further problems (i.e. a complete rewrite
may result in bugs that don't show up until after release, but we may be
able to change it with a simple search and replace of the offending
directory names).


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