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Re: problem with dselect and the "dists" hierarchy

>>"Ben" == Ben Gertzfield <che@debian.org> writes:

 joost> /usr/lib/dpkg/methods/disk/setup is a shell script with
 joost> snippets of perl code incuded. IMHO it is not a bad idea to
 joost> write the whole script in perl, considering that it assumes
 joost> perl to be present anyway.

 Ben> Rewriting this in Perl is probably no problem, but what exactly is
 Ben> it *supposed* to do? The shell script is very hard to read. If
 Ben> we can determine just what it does, I can easily rewrite it.

	Umm. I don't know how to say this tactfully. I shall try. It
 may be better, I think, in this and other tasks (like modifying
 dpkg), that the new author be one able to grok the original.

	Shell scripts should generally be mechanically transformable
 to Perl, and I have had a look at this one, though not trivial, it is
 certainly eminently doable. The question is, should we be doing it at
 this late stage in the game?

	By the next release we shall hopefullybe using apt, or at
 least the apt-get method under dselect, when all this shall be moot. 


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