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Re: so what? Re: Debian development modem

"David Engel " <david@ods.com> writes:

> I've seen some people
> suggesting that Debian should re-evaluate every package when release
> time rolls around and only include those packages that are deemed
> stable at that time.  The consequence is that the packages which
> aren't deemed stable are removed and the users that might need them
> are just out of luck.

Not removed, just left in unstable.  Is that undesirable? 

I think this is better than your proposal of splitting Debian into
core and non-core parts, and only releasing stable versions of core.

I would release stable versions of whatever is ready, all of the
"core" packages and anything else.  So if a noncore, but well-tested,
package is deemed stable, it can be released.  The decisions of which
packages to release as stable and which to not is easier than a
decision to make a package core or not.

Once a package is deemed noncore, it is forever second-tier, always to
be left in a contrib section where a stable version can not be
branched off.


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