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Re: so what? Re: Debian development modem

On Thu, 28 May 1998, Edward Betts wrote:

> Has anything major changed in Debain over the last 3 months, is it
> considerably more stable than 3 months ago or code there have been a code
> freeze and release 3 months ago???

The installation disk and apt to name a few.  
If you want a release every few months, go with a distributor that
distributes unstable and untested releases (redhat comes to mind).
We are only volunteers, and even the critical elements (like the boot
disks) only move as fast as the people who work on them move.  If you
really wanted a cd, someone would have probably made one from unstable
for you.  I'd prefer if debian not put the stable sticker on something
just because we hit a 3 month mark (I know there was more to the request
than just that, I just fear this result in the long run).


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