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Re: so what? Re: Debian development modem

The cause of many of our problems is that we strive to release a
stable version of every package.  Instead, we should have releases at
preset intervals, say 4 times a year, of only parts of unstable.

One month before the release we enter the freeze.  At that time, a
decision by the maintainer and the release manager is made for every
package whether to release it.  Only the selected packages are tested.
If the testing team discovers a critical bug, the package is either
fixed or it is dropped from stable.  A critical bug rarely delays a
release, because there is always the previous stable version of the
package to fall back on.

When releases are at regular, reasonably often, intervals, it is not
as important if a package isn't ready for a release.  The next release
is only a few months later.

A disadvantage of such a method is the need for more effort from the


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