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another look at release-critical bugs

I found the latest "gotta fix 'em" bug list to be a bit intimidating.  So, I
sorted the packages by priority, putting issues with the FTP sites at the top
of the list.  Somehow, it makes it more obvious to me what needs to get worked
on, and raises all sorts of questions about how it's possible for us to 
consider a bug in an 'extra' package to be release-critical... much less bugs
in packages that aren't currently in the hamm binary-i386 tree!

Enjoy.  (?)


FTP site issues:

ftp.debian.org    21819  sinuskey-login: libc5 version in hamm! [30]  (Guy Maor <ftpmaster@debian.org>)
ftp.debian.org    22390  Please move slink gcc packages to frozen [15]  (Guy Maor <ftpmaster@debian.org>)
ftp.debian.org    22438  binkd: libc5 package in hamm [14]  (Guy Maor <ftpmaster@debian.org>)
ftp.debian.org    22490  two versions of base_passwd in hamm [13]  (Guy Maor <ftpmaster@debian.org>)
ftp.debian.org    22548  jdk1.1-docdemo: obsolete? [11]  (Guy Maor <ftpmaster@debian.org>)
ftp.debian.org    22554  ftp.deb.org: ssg-dev still here [11]  (Guy Maor <ftpmaster@debian.org>)
ftp.debian.org    22635  ftp.debian.org: Please remove dwww from hamm/frozen [9]  (Guy Maor <ftpmaster@debian.org>)
ftp.debian.org    22757  ftp.debian.org: remove dhcp-client-beta from hamm [0]  (Guy Maor <ftpmaster@debian.org>)
ftp.debian.org    22807  version of octave sometimes dumps core [0]  (Guy Maor <ftpmaster@debian.org>)
ftp.debian.org    22808  ftp.debian.org: pine396-src and pine396-diffs [0]  (Guy Maor <ftpmaster@debian.org>)
ftp.debian.org    22832  ftp.debian.org: m68k Packages files not being updated [0]  (Guy Maor <ftpmaster@debian.org>)
ftp.debian.org    22939  Please remove old unixcw in hamm/main [0]  (Guy Maor <ftpmaster@debian.org>)
nonus.debian.org  15764  ftp.debian.org: Non-US Packages files are broken [170]  (Sven Rudolph <sr1@inf.tu-dresden.de>)
nonus.debian.org  18572  nonus.debian.org: remove des-solnet_1.03-5.deb [93]  (Sven Rudolph <sr1@inf.tu-dresden.de>)
nonus.debian.org  18785  nonus.debian.org: incoming backlog [86]  (Sven Rudolph <sr1@inf.tu-dresden.de>)
nonus.debian.org  20773  nonus.debian.org: please remove gnupg from frozen [52]  (Sven Rudolph <sr1@inf.tu-dresden.de>)
nonus.debian.org  22287  nonus.debian.org with incorrect layout [19]  (Sven Rudolph <sr1@inf.tu-dresden.de>)

Bugs in 'required' packages:

base-passwd       19839  base-passwd foobars up my system! [72]  (Galen Hazelwood <galenh@micron.net>)
base-passwd       19946  base-passwd: Error on install [69]  (Galen Hazelwood <galenh@micron.net>)
debianutils       21372  debianutils: run-parts hangs on /etc/cron.weekily/lambdamoo [39]  (Guy Maor <maor@debian.org>)
dpkg               1797  upgrade/downgrade dependency calculation problem [936]  (Klee Dienes and Ian Jackson <dpkg-maint@chiark.greenend.org.uk>)
dpkg              17624  dpkg: installs regular dir when .deb contains symlink ! [119]  (Klee Dienes and Ian Jackson <dpkg-maint@chiark.greenend.org.uk>)
dpkg              20250  Overlapping files in glut-doc and glut-data. [63]  (Klee Dienes and Ian Jackson <dpkg-maint@chiark.greenend.org.uk>)
dpkg              21182  dpkg: dpkg can go into an infinite loop with --force-configure-any [43]  (Klee Dienes and Ian Jackson <dpkg-maint@chiark.greenend.org.uk>)
dpkg              22940  dpkg stops after just 20 errors [0]  (Klee Dienes and Ian Jackson <dpkg-maint@chiark.greenend.org.uk>)
libc6             20714  Current libc6 is a beta. [53]  (Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net>)
libc6             20799  getgrnam does not return when group name does not exist [51]  (Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net>)
libc6             22626  netbase: bugtraq says: RPC services are subject to Denial of Service attacks [9]  (Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net>)
libc6             22790  libc6: login(3) does not reuse dead entries [0]  (Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net>)
login             22191  login: does not chown /dev/vcs* anymore [21]  (Guy Maor <maor@debian.org>)
modutils          22612  modutils package is difficult to upgrade from bo [9]  (Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@debian.org>)
passwd            21275  passwd: useradd violates base-passwd's rules [41]  (Guy Maor <maor@debian.org>)
slang0.99.38      22269  ae: doesn't work without /usr mounted (ie in single user mode) [19]  (Jim Mintha <jmintha@debian.org>)
sysvinit          22945  Problems with last ( bug in sysvinit package)? [0]  (Miquel van Smoorenburg <miquels@cistron.nl>)

Bugs in 'important' packages:

dpkg-dev          20776  dpkg-dev: dpkg-dev does not use emacsen-commen method of installing .el files [52]  (Klee Dienes and Ian Jackson <dpkg-maint@chiark.greenend.org.uk>)
dpkg-dev          21186  dpkg-dev: dpkg-dev has a file also provided in dpkg [43]  (Klee Dienes and Ian Jackson <dpkg-maint@chiark.greenend.org.uk>)
lilo              19821  lilo: liloconfig doesn't make the system bootable [72]  (Bernd Eckenfels <ecki@debian.org>)
perl              19805  perl: use of /tmp/*$$ in an insecure fashion [73]  (Darren Stalder <torin@daft.com>)
smail             20780  smtp entry in inetd.conf not enabled! [52]  (Soenke Lange <soenke@escher.north.de>)
smail             21296  Smail fails to configure [41]  (Soenke Lange <soenke@escher.north.de>)
smail             22662  smail: inetd.conf still not configured correctly [8]  (Soenke Lange <soenke@escher.north.de>)
smail             22724  smail postinst should not reference /etc/rc2.d [7]  (Soenke Lange <soenke@escher.north.de>)

Bubs in 'standard' packages:

cvs               19787  cvs: use of /tmp/*$$ in an insecure fashion [73]  (Tom Lees <tom@lpsg.demon.co.uk>)
dpkg-ftp          21423  Dpkg-ftp can't handle alternative distributions [38]  (Klee Dienes <klee@debian.org>)
emacs20           21364  GNUS's spool file is set to `/usr/spool/mail/loginname'. [40]  (Rob Browning <rlb@cs.utexas.edu>)
file              22854  file: &quot;\n&quot;-style escapes don't work [0]  (Nicolas Lichtmaier <nick@feedback.net.ar>)
gcc               19453  altgcc still vulnerable to /tmp symlink attack. [79]  (Galen Hazelwood <galenh@micron.net>)
gcc               22292  CRITICAL: gcc miscompiles libc6 2.0.7pre3-1 [18]  (Galen Hazelwood <galenh@micron.net>)
ispell            19795  ispell: use of /tmp/*$$ in an insecure fashion [73]  (Kenneth MacDonald <K.MacDonald@ed.ac.uk>)
libc6-dev         19797  libc6-dev: use of /tmp/*$$ in an insecure fashion [73]  (Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net>)
libc6-dev         21884  libc6-dev: relative links between top-level dirs [29]  (Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net>)
lpr               22837  lpd dies without trace (severe!) [0]  (Adam Klein <aklein@debian.org>)
lynx              22165  lynx: [Michal Zalewski &lt;lcamtuf@BOSS.STASZIC.WAW.PL&gt;] Lynx's 2.8 buffer overflow [22]  (Christian Hudon <chrish@debian.org>)

Bugs in 'optional' packages:

boot-floppies     21772  boot-floppies: error creating bootdisk [30]  (Enrique Zanardi <sr1-boot-floppies@debian.org>)
crafty            22493  crafty is not DFSG free software [13]  (olet@debian.org (Ole J. Tetlie))
cwnn              20539  Overlap between cwnn, wnn, and kwnn [56]  (Keita Maehara <maehara@debian.org>)
dhcp-client-beta  18322  dhclient-script problem with &quot;EXPIRE&quot; [99]  (Christoph Lameter <clameter@fuller.edu>)
dhcp-client-beta  19767  dhcp-client-beta has no /usr/doc directory [73]  (Christoph Lameter <clameter@fuller.edu>)
dwww              22018  dwww: can't find _anything_ [26]  (Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com>)
gobjc             22829  gobjc needs dependency on egcc [0]  (Galen Hazelwood <galenh@micron.net>)
hwtools           21288  hwtools: irqtune should be in /usr/sbin, or rc.boot script fixed [41]  (Siggy Brentrup <bsb@debian.org>)
ilu-base          21489  ilu-base: still linked with libc5 [37]  (Klee Dienes <klee@debian.org>)
ircii             21683  ircii: ircii is non-free! [32]  (Bernd Eckenfels <ecki@debian.org>)
jadetex           22688  jadetex: errors while configuring, does not work [7]  (Christian Leutloff <leutloff@debian.org>)
javalex           16652  javalex: bad dependencies [142]  (Michael Fletcher <zidj@geocities.com>)
libc5-dbg         21039  ftp.debian.org: libc5-dbg probably shouldn't be in frozen [46]  (Helmut Geyer <Helmut.Geyer@iwr.uni-heidelberg.de>)
libpaper          22942  libpaper depends on libpaperg [0]  (Marco Pistore <pistore@di.unipi.it>)
libreadline2      22941  libreadline2 depends on libc6 [0]  (Guy Maor <maor@debian.org>)
p2c               21036  p2c: depends on libp2c1 which seems to have been fed to the byte-monster [46]  (Andrew Howell <andrew@it.com.au>)
python-base       22783  recompile of _all_ *.py[co] files when installing any python module [0]  (Gregor Hoffleit <flight@debian.org>)
python-doc        22944  python-doc in hamm refers to an ancient version of python [0]  (Gregor Hoffleit <flight@debian.org>)
python-elisp      20261  python-elisp broke after emacs upgrade and even prevents exit [63]  (Gregor Hoffleit <flight@debian.org>)
rat               21935  rat is not free software [28]  (Chu-yeon Park <kokids@doit.ajou.ac.kr>)
sane              21983  sane: insecure use of /tmp [27]  (Kevin Dalley <kevind@rahul.net>)
sniffit           21832  sniffit is not DFSG free software [30]  (Damjan Marion <dmarion@debian.org>)
swish++           22636  swish++: swish++ in hamm/frozen is busted [9]  (Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com>)
w3-el             22763  w3-el_4.0pre.14-4.deb was not placed in frozen [0]  (Ben Pfaff <pfaffben@pilot.msu.edu>)
wxxt1-dev         21707  wxxt1-dev depends on deprecated libg++-dev [32]  (Brian Bassett <brian@butterfly.ml.org>)
xbase             22329  Patch for #20685 prevents talk working [17]  (Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org>)
xbase             22668  TERM=xterm meaning has changed incompatibly [8]  (Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org>)
xbase             22877  xbase: xdm port, and X applications [0]  (Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org>)
xbase             22928  New upstream security fix release [0]  (Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org>)
xemacs19          20815  xemacs19: does not put /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp in load-path [51]  (James LewisMoss <dres@dimensional.com>)

Bugs in 'extra' packages:

bind              17671  BIND 8 package does not preserve local configuration on upgrade [117]  (Johnie Ingram <johnie@debian.org>)
bind              21743  bind: /etc/ppp/ip-up.d entry pops up without my consent! [31]  (Johnie Ingram <johnie@debian.org>)
egcc              17768  libc6 bug in mathematical functions [114]  (Galen Hazelwood <galenh@micron.net>)
p3nfs             21488  p3nfs: still linked with libc5 [37]  (cmchow@se.cuhk.edu.hk (Billy C.-M. Chow))
sinuskey-login    21446  sinuskey-login: depends on libc5 but doesn't report that [38]  (Skuli Davidsson <skuli@hi.is>)

Bugs in packages that aren't part of hamm's current binary-i386/Packages.gz:

gstep-make        22328  gstep-make configuration / gstep-* new versions [17]  (Gregor Hoffleit <flight@debian.org>)
kdeadmin          22060  kuser removes all passwords and disables root account [25]  (Stephan Kulow <coolo@kde.org>)
picon-users       22949  picon-users: deb file corrupt [0]  (Hakan Ardo <hakan@debian.org>)
premail           15680  Insecure /tmp file usage [173]  (Karl Sackett <krs@debian.org>)
swish              6648  swish: doc file permissions wrong and no manpage [496]  (Michael Alan Dorman <mdorman@debian.org>)
xexec             22927  xexec: unsatisfiable dependency [0]  (Zed Pobre <zed@debian.org>)
xinetd            19125  xinetd: mucking with /etc/init.d/netbase is a deep policy violation [81]  ("Adam Heath" <adam.heath@usa.net>)
xinetd            20705  xinetd: samba 1.9.18p3-1 don't work from xinetd (from inetd is ok) [53]  ("Adam Heath" <adam.heath@usa.net>)

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