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Re: upstreams maintainer conflict, was: wget: remove outdated manual page

> > Please bear with us and have some more patience, Hrvoje.  I'm sure
> > that Nicolas has not ment to harm or annoy you.  Had this thread
> > been on debian-devel from the start, it would not have evolved this
> > way.
> OK, I've now waited for a while, but I see that Nicolas has no desire
> to cooperate with me.  Which is a shame, because I used to think only
> good thoughts about Debian.
> I am curious about one thing: is ignoring the maintainers' wishes the
> standard policy of Debian, or is Nicolas an exception?

 This is my position:

 I will not downgrade the package, I will only accept improvements to it.
The manpage needs fixes? They will be done by the next Debian release (2.1).
  I'm open to *any* improvement to the package. Do you think that the layout
of the manpage should be different? Different sections?

 There's no way I will remove the manpage. If someone else at Debian think
that thinks should be done differently, speak now.

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