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Re: Debian development modem (was The broken libjpeg-6b is in RH 5.1)

>Warning: the (brief) rantings of an extremely frustrated developer lie


>I am so sick of the internal bickering and never ending delays
>associated with Debian, that I am seriously considering switching to
>RedHat 5.1 (bugs and all) when I get my complimentary CD next week.  I
>figure if I simply redirect the work I would have spent on Debian to
>fixing the problems in RedHat, I'll be that much better off.

me too. everytime i look at debian and at redhat, i see that they are strong
where debian is weak, and debian is strong where redhat is weak. for example
debian is good at maintaing, testing, kosisntency and fixing evem very small
bugs (or unwanted features), but not in developing new application, or
cross-package improvements. redhat does development, does cross package
improvements (pam, ...).

if redhat can offer a fair deal, joining redhat can be better than createing
debian 2.1. will there be gueys from redhat at the linux kongress ?


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