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Re: Will main fit on one CD?

On Wed, May 27, 1998 at 08:56:30PM +0100, Edward Betts wrote:
> Will main fit on one CD? 
> I have watched all the talk about fitting packages on the CDs and I do not
> understand whether main will fit on one CD if so would this arrangment not
> be best
> CD 1: Main
> CD 2: Contrib, X11 Source, indices, tools, maybe include experimental
>       Extra stuff like netscape docs, gimp manual,
>       snapshoots of popular free web sites - debain, gnu, fsf, gnome, gimp
>       howabout loads of enlightenment themes (only ones passing the debian
>       guide lines) or had they ought to be .deb files? 
> CD 3: Source minus X11
> Is this like what is planned or am I off my head or does main not fit on one
> cd

Tools REALLY need to be on #1 for install reasons.

> With this arrangment you could do an install with cd 1, play with it for a
> while and if you decided that you must have stuff of contrib install it of
> CD 2. (my thinking being contrib is bad because not total free software - is
> that view wrong?)

Contrib is totally free, but depends on stuff that's not.  ie, X front ends
(maybe even gtk) for non-free console programs, things built with motif or
qt, etc are in contrib.  However, since contrib depends on stuff in non-free
which isn't shipped, this is a good idea anyway.

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