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Re: Open Source-ness of ircII

Hi, thanks again for everyone's patience in resolving this thing!

Hopefully we can come up with something that Matt can apply to the
current ircII (and pass on to the various derivatives), so that we can
forget this and go back to coding:->

(to the debian group) So.. first of all, would anyone in the Bay area
who has been following this like to try contacting Mr. Sandrof?  I
will do it if no one steps forward by Tuesday (Monday is a holiday
here in the US).

(to Matt ) Notwithstanding my preference for the GNU License (GPL),
that Troy mentions below, I have the impression that a BSD style
license may be more in keeping with the authors' wishes...

Lastly.. I guess we should write a new "copyright" file, if not for
inclusion in the main ircII distribution, at least for the inclusion
in the Debian versions of ircII and co., so that the program clearly
and without doubts can be identified as free software, once we hear
from Michael Sandrof.

I realize this is sort of a pain, but, I suppose it's necessary, and
I'd really like to see this code distributed with Debian:-)

Here is Troy's email to me, forwarded with his permission and with his
address deleted as per his request.
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From: Troy Rollo <troy@---.---.au>
Subject: Re: Open Source-ness of ircII
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Ongoing development of ircII was transfered to me informally by a brief
email exchange in mid 1991. In those days this was a common way to handle
this. I then transfered it to Matthew Green in 1992 (?), again informally,
but witnessed by the major contributors at the time. There was a legitimate,
but informal, transfer of rights, however circumstances have changed
significantly since those days and something more formal is usually required

There was no full assignment at either stage. To get permission to apply the
GNU license, you need to obtain it from all 3 of us. I have already
indicated my permission, I am confident that Matthew Green will give his
(ask avalon@cyber.com.au where to find him).

WhoWhere gives these details for Michael Sandrof. These details are
reasonable, since Michael moved to California in 1991:

>Michael Sandrof 
>Phone : 408-226-0699
>San Jose CA 95113
>Michael Sandrof 
>Phone : 415-543-4976
>San Francisco CA 94142

Obviously he moved recently, so one of these should be correct.
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