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Re: Open Source-ness of ircII

On Sun, May 24, 1998 at 06:16:11PM -0700, David Welton wrote:

> Hopefully we can come up with something that Matt can apply to the
> current ircII (and pass on to the various derivatives), so that we can
> forget this and go back to coding:->
> (to the debian group) So.. first of all, would anyone in the Bay area
> who has been following this like to try contacting Mr. Sandrof?  I
> will do it if no one steps forward by Tuesday (Monday is a holiday
> here in the US).


> Lastly.. I guess we should write a new "copyright" file, if not for
> inclusion in the main ircII distribution, at least for the inclusion
> in the Debian versions of ircII and co., so that the program clearly
> and without doubts can be identified as free software, once we hear
> from Michael Sandrof.

Hrumph, ok, so I guess I will have to call.  What exactly should I ask
him?  What should I try and get him to do?  

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