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Re: The latest XFree86 (3.3.2-4)

On Tue, 12 May 1998, Branden Robinson wrote:

> On Tue, May 12, 1998 at 12:45:40PM +0200, Brederlow wrote:
> > I compiled and installed the XFree 3.3.2-4 and found some stones in my 
> > path:
> > 
> > 1. The Xresource was changed, so that Xterms have a black background.
> >    Why didn't I get asked befor replacing the file? I get asked for
> >    all other config files, just XFree doesn't ask.
> I'm not sure why you weren't prompted for the overwrite --
> /etc/X11/Xresources is marked as a conffile.  There is probably something I
> don't understand about dpkg.

There generally are two people who can edit conffiles. The sysadmin can
edit the locally installed conffile (the 'local file') and the package
maintainer can edit the conffile that is supplied with the package (the
'supplied file'). These versions of the conffile are both compared to the
file that was supplied by the 'old' version of the package to see if they 
have changed.

Now, there are four situations:

1. Both files haven't changed.
   Nothing happens.
2. The 'local file' is changed, the 'supplied file' isn't.
   Dpkg assumes that nothing has dramatically changed in the package and
that the sysadmin wants to keep his local customisation, so the 'local
file' is kept.
3. The 'local file' hasn't changed, but the 'supplied file' has.
   Dpkg will think the sysadmin is satisfied with the default
configuration of the package and will overwrite the 'local file' with the
(new) 'supplied file'.
4. Both files have changed.
   Now dpkg is a little confused, since there has been a change in the
package _and_ the sysadmin has made some customisations to the 'local
file'. Now, dpkg asks which version you want.

So, you only get asked if both you and the package maintainer have changed
a conffile.

> > 4. XFree Server XXX should sugget/recommend the XF86Setup (its in
> >    XF86vga I think) programm.
> XF86Setup is in xserver-vga16, because XF86Setup specifically wants the
> VGA16 X server.  In slink, there will be an xserver-common package, and
> XF86Setup will be there.

Does this means that the xserver-common package Depends: on the
xserver-vga16 package (or else XF86Setup is useless) and that every
xserver-* package (including xserver-vga16) Depends: on the xserver-common
package? I don't know how evil this dependency loop is, but I think this
would mean that everyone who wants to install an X server would have to
install at least the xserver-vga16 package, besides their preferred X

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