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Re: "Visual" IDE?

On Mon, May 04, 1998 at 10:29:50PM -0400, SEGV wrote:
> I'm sitting here looking at my unused copy of Visual Studio 5.0 for
> Windows, and thinking of the pathetic UNIX IDEs I have used in the past
> two years.
>  - SparcWorks on Solaris
>  - Softbench on HP-UX
>  - ladebug etc. on Digital UNIX

FWIW, ladebug is a debugger (e.g., gdb or dbx), not an IDE.

> I understand that Visual Studio was created for the lowest common
> denominator (that's a fact, not an opinion), and that UNIX programmers
> are more comfortable with makefiles and command lines. But you have to
> admit that Visual Studio, and Metrowerks Codewarrior, are great IDEs.
> My question is, "Why is there nothing similar on UNIX?"

have you tried "Code Crusader"?  http://www.cco.caltech.edu/~jafl/jcc/
maybe this is what you're looking for...

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