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Re: "Visual" IDE?

SEGV <mlepage@cgocable.net> writes:

> I understand that Visual Studio was created for the lowest common
> denominator (that's a fact, not an opinion), and that UNIX programmers
> are more comfortable with makefiles and command lines. But you have to
> admit that Visual Studio, and Metrowerks Codewarrior, are great IDEs.
> My question is, "Why is there nothing similar on UNIX?"

Because the very idea of an IDE is wrong-headed. IDEs are great for companies
that want to sell you their editor, their debugger, their compiler, etc. It's
not in their interest to adopt open standard APIs to allow their components to
interact with other vendor's components. Generally, as in the case of Visual
Studio for example, with a couple good components and a myriad of mediocre
components that won't work with your preferred editor, compiler, etc.

We should be working on developping more expressive APIs for interaction
between components. This extends to more than just development environments
too. I think this is basically what the Gnome project has elvolved into. 

Generally the IDE systems confuse "integration" with closed monolithic design.
Just compare what unix accomplishes with simple protocols like the EDITOR
environment variable and the +lineno argument, compared with the baroque VS
extension API. Personally I have used VS and I would much prefer Emacs with
M-x gdb and M-x compile.


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