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Packages marked as Obsolete

Manoj Srivastava writes:
> Hi,
> 	While we are talking about obsolete packages, what is the
>  story on these? I mean, I would not like to just remove all the
>  picons packages (why are they marked obsolete)? What about ckermit?
>  How many of these are actually obsolete, and how many just have been
>  yanked from hamm?
>     --- Obsolete and local packages present on system ---
>  *** interpre Opt blt2         2.1-6       <none>

there exists a blt version, based on blt2.1, which is compatible with
tcl8.0/tk8.0; I packaged it last week and uploaded it to unstable. Or
should this go to frozen as well (blt8.0-unoff, blt8.0-unoff-dev)?

>  *** libs     Opt gstep-base0  0.2.12-2    <none>

obsolete. gstep-base is the new package.

>  *** libs     Opt libtclobjc1  1.1b6-1     <none>

I'll look at this and upload it, if the current egcs/gcc objc runtimes
are still compatible.

>  *** x11      Opt tkdesk       1.0b4-2.1   <none>

this package could use blt8.0-unoff

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