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Apt is cool (yay!) - What about bo?


Just installed apt_0.0.8.  My impression is that it is significantly faster
than dpkg-ftp.  Could be pyschological, though ;)

The default apt sources.list doesn't include a reference to bo - and in any
case, since we're undergoing a symlink transition, I haven't been had bo in
my dselect for a while.

What is the status of bo?  Now that frozen is frozen, is it supposed to
contain all necessary packages?  Or should we still have bo as a fallback.

The following packages on my system are in bo but not in hamm:

    --- Obsolete and local packages present on system ---
    ----- Obsolete/local Required packages -----
    ------- Obsolete/local Required packages in section base -------
 *** Req base     timezone     7.55-2      <none>
    ----- Obsolete/local Standard packages -----
    ------- Obsolete/local Standard packages in section admin -------
 *** Std admin    wg15-locale  2-5         <none>
    ------- Obsolete/local Standard packages in section libs -------
 *** Std libs     libbfd2.7.0.   <none>

[Yay!  I have PGP installed.. one step closer to developer registration..  I
hope GNUpg gets going soon tho' - depending on PGP sucks...]


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