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Re: Maybe alpha should be in hamm? (was: Re: Only m68k and i386 in hamm?)

On the subject of bootdisk readiness: I spent a couple days about 2 months
ago trying to get Debian onto my alpha pc164lx. Basically, none of the
problems I encountered resulted from features in MILO or the bootdisks
themselves. They were all due to misinterpretation of the instructions on
my part :) Of course, due to the bewildering array of alpha chipsets, I
have no idea how things might go for a cabriolet or a miata but, as far as
the pc164's are concerned, I had no more trouble installing the debian
base system than I had on any of the intel machine's I've worked on over
the last few years. So....the bootdisks look good to me.

Jesse Goldman

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