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Re: less: extra entries for lesspipe

Joey Hess wrote:
> > 
> > This seems like a bad idea.  "strings" is not the obvious information
> > to provide about an executable.  (Consider size, objdump, od, hexdump, 
> > et cetera).
> > 
> > I only use "strings" when I pipe through grep.  When I use less it's
> > just as easy to search the file directly.

> > I would also find it disorienting to less a binary executable and get
> > a long list of identifiers.  I _expect_ a screen full of garbage, and
> > that "/lib/ld-linux.so.2" in a particular position :-)

What would be the use of looking at a screen full of control characters?
I can see prepending the output of strings with other useful stuff,

how about this:

replace in lesspipe.sh
if [ "$FILE1" = "Linux/i386" -o "$FILE2" = "Linux/i386" \
         -o "$FILE1" = "ELF" -o "$FILE2" = "ELF" ]; then
      strings $1
fi ;;

if [ "$FILE1" = "Linux/i386" -o "$FILE2" = "Linux/i386" \
         -o "$FILE1" = "ELF" -o "$FILE2" = "ELF" ]; then
      file $1; 
      echo -e "\nsize:"; 
      size $1; 
      echo -e "\nldd:";
      ldd $1;
      echo -e "\nstrings:";
      strings $1;
fi ;;

This produces, on my system, a very pretty screenful of useful info.

After all, if I am just looking for instances of a var, I can use grep as
mentioned above.  But this set of commands gives me a lot of useful stuff
with only command.


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