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Re: less: extra entries for lesspipe

>>"Carl" == Carl Mummert <mummert@tinuviel.cs.wcu.edu> writes:

Carl> Joey Hess wrote:

>> > I would also find it disorienting to less a binary executable and
>> get a long list of identifiers.  I _expect_ a screen full of
>> garbage, and that "/lib/ld-linux.so.2" in a particular position :-)

Carl> What would be the use of looking at a screen full of control
Carl> characters? I can see prepending the output of strings with
Carl> other useful stuff, though;

	Just because you do not see a need does not mean that there is
 no use for that feature. If you want to run strings on a binary, you
 know how to do so. From the principle of least surprise, I say leave
 the default alone (I hate how it does tar zvvft already; I used to be
 able to look at text files in a tar.gz archive without running
 through hoops. But no, the default could not be left well enough

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