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Re: deb + tar + bzip2 suggestion

Christophe Broult <christophe.broult@info.unicaen.fr> writes:

> Stephan Kulow <coolo@itm.mu-luebeck.de> writes:
> > BTW: tar can handle bz2 files. you can use --use-compress-program=bzip2.
> That option isn't working properly with bzip2 but hopefully bzip2 is
> now supported by tar ie
> tar cIf
> tar xIf
> tar tIf
> broult@madison:~ $ tar --help | grep zip
>   -I, --bzip2, --bunzip2             filter the archive through bzip2
>   -z, --gzip, --ungzip               filter the archive through gzip
> broult@madison:~ $ 
> > 
> > Greets, Stephan

-z     filter through gzip, bzip, bzip2 as appropriate

That would be a nice thing. If tar would behave like that, one could
make gzip or bzip2 deb files depending on once likeing. With todays
Computers (486+) the speed isn't that relevant and on slow computers
and installation takes ages anyway, so you normaly start it and do
something else in parallel.

May the Source be with you.

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