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Upload queue in the UK (ftp.hands.com)


I've setup an upload queue (using Roman Hodek's debianqueued, like the one at 
erlangen) on my machine at NetCOM UK.

It's still experimental, but it works for me, and may make uploads quicker
for UK and European developers.

Here's the dupload.conf entry I use to upload to it:

$cfg{hands} = {
    fqdn => "ftp.hands.com",
    incoming => "debian/UploadQueue/",
    mailto => "debian-changes\@lists.debian.org", # stable, contrib, non-free
    mailtx => "debian-devel-changes\@lists.debian.org", # unstable, exper.
    visibleuser => getlogin() || $ENV{USER} || $ENV{LOGNAME},
    visiblename => "",
    fullname => "",

Please tell me about how you get on.

Cheers, Phil.

P.S. It's probably worth giving this machine a debian.org CNAME, and giving it 
some more Debian related work to be getting on with --- suggestions anyone ?

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