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Re: tcsh should be removed from hamm

On Tue, 31 Mar 1998, Michael Stone wrote:

> I sometimes see these runaway tcsh's on my hamm system. There are no NFS
> shares. No one logs in remotely except me, and only via TCP. The best
> common denominator I've seen is that it happens in X--I haven't been
> able to narrow it down more than that. I also haven't had one in the
> last couple of weeks.

A related report:

Recently, I have had this happen with Midnight Commander. When I use the
ftp file system through our ftp-proxy, it is very sensitive about 
unexpected responses from the proxy and tends to hang very easily. 

This happened again and because I had several mc's running, I didn't kill
the one that went south, fearing that I might kill the wrong one. Instead
I clicked on the destroy button of the xterm it was running in. 

Soon after, I noticed that the mc process was still running and it sucked
up most cpu cycles. Maybe this is more of an xterm problem than a mc or
tcsh problem. 



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