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Re: non-free software


Thanks for the prompt reply!

May I suggest that you might make a non-free_1 and
non-free_2 directory.  The non-free_1 directory  would
contain software for which there is no possible legal
liability for the cdrom vendor and  cdrom vendors would
be encouraged to include.  The directory non-free_2 
would contain packages with more restrictive licenses.B

Some of stuff in non-free is, in my opinion, rather basic and 
cdrom vendors should be encouraged to include it. Especially
since other vendors include it with their distribution.

King Lee

On Mon, 30 Mar 1998, Bob Hilliard wrote:

> King Lee <king@ultrix6.cs.csubak.edu> writes:
> > I have just installed debian from cdrom (infomagic), 
> > and some of my favorite packages, available
> > on  Red Hat, are missing from the Debian 
> > distribution. These packages (netpbm , xv) are in the non-free
> > subdirectory of packages in www.debian.org, but in the distributions
> > available on cdroms ( I checked other cdroms).
> > 
> > I understand there may be restrictions on distributions of some 
> > packages, but if others can include it why cannot Debian?  Debian
> > seems to have the larger of packages than other distributions
> > but they are missing some rather basic packages?
>      This illustrates a point I was planing to bring up for discussion
> on debian-devel.  The Debian Social Contract, referring to the contrib
> and non-free, says "We encourage CD manufacturers to read the licenses
> of software packages in these directories and determine if they can
> distribute that software on their CDs.
>      Prior to the "Official CD", some vendors, such as CheapBytes,
> included substantial parts of non-free on their CDs while others,
> including Infomagic, ignored non-free.  Since we made the "Official
> CD" available with the bo release, all CD vendors seem to have taken
> the path of least resistance, and reproduced the "Official CD" as is.
>      The "Official CD" is a Good Thing (TM), but this side effect is a
> Bad Thing (TM).  I would like to see someone come up with a way to
> persuade vendors to include as much of non-free as possible, while
> still issuing the "Official CD".  One possibility is to include the
> non-free directory in the "Official CD" image, and point the vendors
> to a statement similar to that in the Social Contract.
> Bob
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