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Re: non-free software

> Bob> Prior to the "Official CD", some vendors, such as CheapBytes,
> Bob> included substantial parts of non-free on their CDs while others,
> Bob> including Infomagic, ignored non-free.  Since we made the
> Bob> "Official CD" available with the bo release, all CD vendors seem
> Bob> to have taken the path of least resistance, and reproduced the
> Bob> "Official CD" as is.
> 	Hey, cool. I like that. Seems like the social contract in action.

I was always amaised how all revolutionaries are alike...
All of them want to reach their goals by sacrifycing a "little" man
(a user in our case). And of course, for the purporse to make his life
better :)

Good luck.

Alex Y.
 _( )_
(     (o___           +-------------------------------------------+
 |      _ 7           |            Alexander Yukhimets            |
  \    (")            |       http://pages.nyu.edu/~aqy6633/      |
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